Attorney General Rescinds Utah Reciprocity

May 12, 14 Attorney General Rescinds Utah Reciprocity

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AG Kathleen Kane has been quietly changing Pennsylvania's concealed carry license reciprocity agreements with other states.

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The Impact of Supreme Court Elections

Jul 30, 13 The Impact of Supreme Court Elections

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Many gun owners don't participate in Pennsylvania's judicial elections, but a recent opinion shows why their decisions have a huge impact on our rights.

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Background Check Bill Moves in US Senate

Anti-gun Senators kept the contents of their so-called background check bill quiet until after it passed from the Judiciary Committee. Now that we know what is in it, it appears the goal is to set up so many legal problems for gun owners that nearly every single one could face felony charges.

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40 Gun Control Proposals on White House Desks

Nov 09, 12 40 Gun Control Proposals on White House Desks

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The White House and relevant agencies already have a 40-point plan to enact new gun controls without any check from Congress. Not a single vote must be cast where we have a chance to lobby our local members of the House or two Senators.

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Political Sign Wars Have Begun

Oct 01, 12 Political Sign Wars Have Begun

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With election season now in full swing, it is once again time for what I call the “Sign Wars.” This is one of those thing in politics that seems silly, because who ever has been convinced by a sign? As hard as it is for people who are even slightly civilly engaged to understand, it offers a lot of credit to the kinds of voters who will be deciding a close election such as this one.

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Castle Doctrine Update

May 27, 11 Castle Doctrine Update

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Senator Richard Alloway highlights the issues of passing Castle Doctrine in a press release while has a conversation with NRA's lobbyist to discuss the potential legislative deals that have been rumored around the state.

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Voters Listen to the NRA

Nov 23, 10 Voters Listen to the NRA

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A recent poll sought to measure the influence of various organizations and other opinion leaders upon voters in the recent midterm elections. Not surprisingly, NRA’s ratings were among the top cited opinions that voters around the country looked to before casting their votes in early November. Nearly half of all voters (44...

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Understanding Castle Doctrine

Nov 18, 10 Understanding Castle Doctrine

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There have been a lot of questions about the political decisions made in our fight to pass Castle Doctrine this year. To get answers, I decided to go straight to the source for NRA members in Pennsylvania and interview John Hohenwarter, NRA’s Pennsylvania State Liaison. This interview covers some of the complexities of...

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Bucks County Legislative Grade Updates

Due to the delayed votes over Castle Doctrine in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives & Senate, the NRA magazines that landed in today’s mailboxes are incorrect. One very important race deserves attention from voters, and we’ve got updates on other races around the Bucks County area vital for gun owners. Rob...

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EPA Considering Lead Ammunition Ban

Aug 25, 10

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NSSF is springing into action, as the public comment period opens on EPA considering a regulation that will ban all traditional lead ammunition. This would basically end the shooting sports as we know it. Remember this is a no-win situation for us, because bullets made of materials other than lead are often considered armor piercing...

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