Debunking the Argument that Dan Onorato Supports Sportsmen

In the next few months, you’re going to hear about how Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dan Onorato is plenty pro-gun.  But how much of that is really true? Most in the media have made the assumption that Onorato is supportive of gun rights simply because he lives outside of the Philadelphia area.  If you look at the...

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Deciding the Number Two Spot on the Ticket

May 25, 10

Posted by in Lt. Governor, Voter Turnout

The Democratic primary for Lt. Governor is one that gun owners should keep an eye on for the next few weeks. It’s still a nail biter, but poll results still show that State Rep. Scott Conklin has come out of no where as a late entry to the race to possibly topple the state party endorsed candidate out of Philadelphia,...

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A Night at the Races

Gun owners really hit some home runs last night in the 2010 Pennsylvania primary races. Some wins were completely unexpected, and others weren’t what we hoped other than keeping anti-gun leaders down. Here’s a run down of just a few stand out races we were watching for our Second Amendment rights: Lt. Governor –...

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Lt. Governor Candidates Looking for Your Votes Online

With the prevalence of social networking, and the low barrier to entry, it’s no wonder that even the most far-fetched of candidates for the often overlooked office of Lieutenant Governor are using the tools to find votes and raiser their profiles. Here’s where you can find the folks who want to be your next leader on...

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