National Reciprocity & Congressional Action

Which Pennsylvania lawmakers sought or ran on NRA’s endorsement and have not signed on to support the current national reciprocity bill, H.R. 2959? While looking at the list of co-sponsors with an eye on those from Pennsylvania, I found some key names left off of the sponsors list. These are the members of the Pennsylvania...

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Heading into the 2014 Elections

Here's a preview of the federal races that Pennsylvania gun owners need to be watching as we inch closer to primary & general elections.

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PA Lawmakers on National Concealed Carry

We're counting down to the House vote on the issue of national concealed carry license reciprocity this afternoon, & some folks may wonder how Pennsylvania's lawmakers have been on the issue. We've got the rundown now.

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Getting on Board with National Reciprocity

Find out which members of Pennsylvania's Congressional delegation have signed on to support your right to carry around the country.

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NRA-PVF Officially Endorses Charlie Dent for Congress

Sep 17, 10

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The announcement comes from the NRA Political Victory Fund: The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) is endorsing Charlie Dent for re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives in Pennsylvania’s 15th Congressional District this November. “The NRA-PVF is endorsing Charlie Dent because he is a...

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We Win!

The Second Amendment is now incorporated to cover state and local governments according to today’s opinion released in McDonald vs. Chicago. According to SCOTUS Blog, the decision has been released today, and we’ll have more details as the opinion is shared with the public. In the meantime, please take a few minutes to...

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Federal Election Highlights

Since we’ve been focusing on state news lately, here are headlines that Pennsylvania gun owners should be watching in the federal races across the Keystone State: A rated Congressman Bill Shuster may be facing a new opponent in November. No Democrat filed to run in time for the May 18 primary, so now one man is waging a...

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Candidates Engaging in Social Media, Part V

If you want to keep track of what your local candidates are up to as we count down to the May and November elections, the easiest way is via social media.

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$10 for Liberty

Mar 22, 10 $10 for Liberty

Posted by in 2A Support, Charlie Dent

If you could buy liberty for $10, would you do it? That's what one blogger is asking of his readers - just $10 a week for pro-liberty candidates until November.

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Congressional Races Heating Up

Gun rights will not likely play a major theme with unrest in the electorate on taxes and spending. This could impact our issue with friendly incumbents being challenged and unfriendly lawmakers possibly booted.

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