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The Bigger Election Picture

Though today's headlines will focus on the presidential race, gun owners around Pennsylvania were watching many other races around the Commonwealth last night. Here's a look at how those turned out.

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Kathleen Kane Gets Anti-Gun Support

Candidates who cozy up to Mike Bloomberg get more than half a million dollars in free advertising based on what he's doing for the anti-gun Attorney General candidate here in Pennsylvania.

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Down Ticket Races Pennsylvania Gun Owners Need to Watch

If you watch most political coverage in mainstream outlets, the focus is on the presidential race. However, Congress has just as much impact as the presidency when it comes to legislation that can impact our rights.

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Ensuring You Can Vote

Oct 02, 12 Ensuring You Can Vote

Posted by in Voter Turnout

Today, the courts temporarily halted the voter identification law we posted about earlier this year. Their concern was about the implementation of the law by the administration as opposed to the constitutionality of the process of showing photo identification.

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Political Sign Wars Have Begun

Oct 01, 12 Political Sign Wars Have Begun

Posted by in Voter Turnout

With election season now in full swing, it is once again time for what I call the “Sign Wars.” This is one of those thing in politics that seems silly, because who ever has been convinced by a sign? As hard as it is for people who are even slightly civilly engaged to understand, it offers a lot of credit to the kinds of voters who will be deciding a close election such as this one.

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Our Rights – Too Close to Call

It may seem like anyone who is paying attention at all right now should have their minds made up about how they are planning to vote in the state and national elections a little over a month away. However, many of the races on November’s ballot have been largely ignored by voters, and that’s where we need gun owners to...

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New 2012 Voter Identification Law

Mar 15, 12 New 2012 Voter Identification Law

Posted by in State, Voter Turnout

Pennsylvania gun owners should know that voting in 2012 won't be like voting in previous elections. It's not just the candidates on the ballot, but the actual process of casting a ballot. Learn more about it here.

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Why We Matter to Politicians

When you want to show the potential political power of the pro-gun electorate, here is one great measure that gives some indication of the interest in gun rights in each Pennsylvania county.

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PA Lawmakers on National Concealed Carry

We're counting down to the House vote on the issue of national concealed carry license reciprocity this afternoon, & some folks may wonder how Pennsylvania's lawmakers have been on the issue. We've got the rundown now.

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Pennsylvania’s Hunters Help the Hungry this Season

Nov 15, 11 Pennsylvania’s Hunters Help the Hungry this Season

Posted by in State

Hunting isn't just about getting out in the woods to bring home a harvest. Many hunters in Pennsylvania have contributed to helping the hungry by donating their game to local food banks. Find out exactly what kind of positive impact our hunters have for those less fortunate through this research from NSSF.

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