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Gov. Corbett’s Independence Day Message

Jul 03, 11 Gov. Corbett’s Independence Day Message

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Gov. Tom Corbett released this message for Pennsylvanians as they celebrate our nation's birth this weekend. It's a thought-provoking message on the importance of human action in creating the free society we enjoy today.

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Sunday Hunting Legislative Efforts

Many gun owners and hunters are taking a closer look at another issue that has been up for debate for years now - opening hunting on Sundays in Pennsylvania. Many states, including Pennsylvania, have repealed nearly all of these blue laws that were originally enacted in order to regulate personal religious or moral behavior. Only a small minority maintain their blue laws against hunting.

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Game Commission Resolution on Sunday Hunting

Jun 30, 11 Game Commission Resolution on Sunday Hunting

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Here is the text of the Sunday hunting resolution passed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission this week.

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Castle Doctrine Lawmakers Celebrate

Based on the smiles on their faces and the speed of their social network updates, more than a few lawmakers were genuinely excited to see Gov. Tom Corbett sign the important self-defense bill into law. Here's a roundup of statements, tweets, and other posting by lawmakers who fought so hard to pass Castle Doctrine this year.

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Gov. Corbett Signs Castle Doctrine!

Governor Tom Corbett has signed Pennsylvania Castle Doctrine legislation into law. This common-sense measure permits law-abiding citizens to use force, including deadly force, against an attacker in their home and any place where they have a legal right to be.

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Responses to Castle Doctrine Passage

Since the Senate passed Castle Doctrine by a 45-5 vote this week, Gov. Tom Corbett's office has reiterated his support of the bill several times.  His spokesman told the media that he still plans to sign the legislation. Now anti-gun activists have started their attacks.

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Lifting Anti-Hunting Blue Laws

Jun 08, 11 Lifting Anti-Hunting Blue Laws

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A study shows that Pennsylvania could create more than 4,400 more jobs that generate wages topping $99 million - and all we need to do is repeal one of the last remaining blue laws against hunting in the country. Residents can now speak out on this important outdoor heritage issue that also affects our economic prosperity.

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Presidential Politics & Pennsylvania

Jun 01, 11 Presidential Politics & Pennsylvania

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With all of the expected presidential campaign news, we thought it was worth a look back to our early days here on the site. In 2008, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty visited a Pennsylvania gun club to launch Sportsmen for McCain and we have a video of his speech.

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Anti-Gun Protests at NRA Meeting

May 31, 11 Anti-Gun Protests at NRA Meeting

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About 200 people participated in a protest march on the NRA Annual Meeting, and we went to talk to a few of them about what inspired them to participate in the event, what they believed was happening inside the convention, how they felt about concealed carry, and how they view the Second Amendment.

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Honoring Those Who Gave All

May 30, 11 Honoring Those Who Gave All

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Below, you’ll find a video that NRA created for Veteran’s Day in a couple of years ago. However, the respect, courage, and bravery it depicts of our men and women in uniform reminds us of those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice for our rights. ...

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