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Joe Biden in Philly for Gun Control Meeting

Vice President Joe Biden decided to lecture Philadelphia-area tv viewers and newspaper readers about how banning commonly owned firearms isn’t a violation of the Second Amendment.

It’s accurate to say he’s lecturing at media consumers rather than speaking to the public because Joe Biden would not release details of the event location or time to the public, nor were citizens allowed to attend the so-called roundtable on gun control.

One tactic the Vice President is using is to redefine the understanding of the Second Amendment.

See, there’s his “legitimate right to bear arms” which doesn’t include common semi-automatic rifles or popular handguns with 15 or 17 round magazines. This creates a notion that there’s the “illegitimate right to bear arms” that isn’t worth mentioning because, well, those people who oppose the White House are simply illegitimate.

But Biden isn’t the only one speaking out. Likely gubernatorial candidate Rep. Allyson Schwartz is in attendance and joining the push for a gun ban. Rep. Bob Brady, head of the Philadelphia Democratic Party, highlighted how proud he is of his F rating from NRA.

Rep. Chaka Fattah says we can’t allow people to own semi-automatic rifles at all.

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