Meet Your Federal Reps in August

Traditionally, the U.S. House & Senate take the entire month of August off as district work period. It is a chance to meet with your Representative, Senator, or staff members.

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Sen. Specter Votes Against Gun Owners, Sen. Casey For Us

Your calls were heard loud and clear in Democratic Senator Bob Casey's office, and he stood firm for Pennsylvania's concealed carry owners - more than half a million of us.

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Nat’l Concealed Carry License Reciprocity Needs Your Help!

Call Sen. Bob Casey at (202) 224-6324 and Sen. Arlen Specter at (202) 224-4254 and tell them to vote yes on the Thune/Vitter amendment for national reciprocity.

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Vote on Sonia Sotomayor to be Graded by NRA

Jul 17, 09 Vote on Sonia Sotomayor to be Graded by NRA

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Following the anti-gun and statements by Judge Sonia Sotomayor during her Senate testimony, NRA-ILA has decided to oppose her nomination to the US Supreme Court.

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Election 2008 and the Long Road Ahead

Nov 13, 08 Election 2008 and the Long Road Ahead

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The 2008 elections are over, and America has spoken. While many of the results were not what we hoped for, this year’s election does show how NRA members have truly changed politics in America.

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Hanging by a Thread

Aug 13, 08 Hanging by a Thread

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With everything that’s at stake in the coming election, perhaps nothing is more important than our narrow pro-gun majority in the U.S. Senate. No matter how popular the president, a strong Senate can block anti-gun schemes … or move pro-gun legislation ahead in the face of a veto.

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