Turning Carry License Demand into Political Action

In Lackawanna County, the sheriff is posting extra hours due to concealed carry license demand spikes. This is a great opportunity to reach out to other gun owners who want to defend our rights.

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Semi-Automatic Ban is “a Very Important Step”

Jan 14, 13 Semi-Automatic Ban is “a Very Important Step”

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Former Governor Tom Ridge was on MSNBC discussing the fact that he believes banning semi-automatic rifles is just a first step in tackling the issue of gun violence.

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Keystone State Anti-Gun Group at White House

Jan 09, 13 Keystone State Anti-Gun Group at White House

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According to reports, the Philadelphia-based CeaseFire PA was invited to the White House to share what kinds of gun control proposals they would like to see enacted at the federal level.

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Gov. Tom Corbett on Gun Bans

Dec 20, 12 Gov. Tom Corbett on Gun Bans

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The press challenged Gov. Corbett to change his mind on banning legal firearms today, and he responded with a clear message that he doesn't see the answer to tragedies in gun bans.

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Political Pledges of New Gun Control

In Pennsylvania, we've got the following reports from various politicians calling for more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners, both federal and local.

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40 Gun Control Proposals on White House Desks

Nov 09, 12 40 Gun Control Proposals on White House Desks

Posted by in Federal, Mayors Against Guns

The White House and relevant agencies already have a 40-point plan to enact new gun controls without any check from Congress. Not a single vote must be cast where we have a chance to lobby our local members of the House or two Senators.

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Down Ticket Races Pennsylvania Gun Owners Need to Watch

If you watch most political coverage in mainstream outlets, the focus is on the presidential race. However, Congress has just as much impact as the presidency when it comes to legislation that can impact our rights.

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PA Lawmakers on National Concealed Carry

We're counting down to the House vote on the issue of national concealed carry license reciprocity this afternoon, & some folks may wonder how Pennsylvania's lawmakers have been on the issue. We've got the rundown now.

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Local Lawmakers Investigate Obama Administration

How are Pennsylvania's Congressmen involved in the Fast & Furious investigations? With three legislators on a key House committee, it's been an interesting year as this story continues to unfold.

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Presidential Politics & Pennsylvania

Jun 01, 11 Presidential Politics & Pennsylvania

Posted by in Federal, President

With all of the expected presidential campaign news, we thought it was worth a look back to our early days here on the site. In 2008, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty visited a Pennsylvania gun club to launch Sportsmen for McCain and we have a video of his speech.

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