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Heading into the 2014 Elections

Here’s a preview of the federal races that Pennsylvania gun owners need to be watching as we inch closer to primary & general elections.

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PA Gun Owners Talk Elections & Participation

Anyone who has spent time at a gun club or talking to other gun owners know that a significant portion of our community not only votes, but they are engaged in their community more than many non-gun owners. All three contributors from PAGunRights.com were in Pittsburgh armed with a camera and media passes to talk…

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Pennsylvania Sends a Clear Message to Anti-Gun Leaders

Gun control advocates from New York, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into Pennsylvania in order to promote the Mike Bloomberg agenda & New York-style gun control in Tuesday’s elections.  The good news is that NRA members spoke up and told him that we would not let him buy our elections…

A Night at the Races
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A Night at the Races

Gun owners really hit some home runs last night in the 2010 Pennsylvania primary races. Some wins were completely unexpected, and others weren’t what we hoped other than keeping anti-gun leaders down. Here’s a run down of just a few stand out races we were watching for our Second Amendment rights: Lt. Governor – Democratic…

Bloomberg’s Plan to Shut Down Gun Shows

Bloomberg’s Plan to Shut Down Gun Shows

Hundreds of Pennsylvania mayors are joining in a crusade with Michael Bloomberg to not only ban private transactions between family members, but to criminalize even speaking to other gun owners about potential transfers of guns at gun shows. Cam Edwards of NRA News has a great rundown of this ridiculous legislation that every gun owner…

Bloomberg Allies to Target Gun Shows with Big Bucks Lobbying Campaign
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Bloomberg Allies to Target Gun Shows with Big Bucks Lobbying Campaign

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has targeted Pennsylvania gun owners for the last few years, but he is spreading his wealth around to try and shut down all gun shows in the country. His allies in Pennsylvania have signed on to help with this “lobbying blitz” targeting Congress. From Roll Call: Mayors Against Illegal…