Bloomberg’s Plan to Shut Down Gun Shows

Hundreds of Pennsylvania mayors are joining in a crusade with Michael Bloomberg to not only ban private transactions between family members, but to criminalize even speaking to other gun owners about potential transfers of guns at gun shows.

Cam Edwards of NRA News has a great rundown of this ridiculous legislation that every gun owner must see:

Bloomberg plans to spend well into the six figures to lobby for this effective ban on gun shows. As gun owners, we must not only stop the legislation, but also stop the local mayors who are behind this push.

Two of the leaders behind the Pennsylvania movement to end gun shows are state Senate candidate Tom Leighton and Congressional candidate John Callahan. By signing on to this extreme legislation, they want to make it a crime to talk about the things many gun owners talk about while they visit a gun show. They want to create regulations so onerous that the small business owners who run and promote gun shows are forced to close up shop. Fortunately, by turning out at the voting booth, you can send both men packing.

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