Jack Wagner on the Record with Castle Doctrine

While it isn’t the most detailed answer, a pro-gun supporter took the opportunity in today’s live chat to ask Auditor General Jack Wagner about his position on Castle Doctrine. Here is the exchange:

[Comment From Adam Z] Could you please us tell your stance on the proposed legislation of Houe Bill 40 (HB 40) which modifies the “Castle Doctrine” in Pennsylvania to not only self-defense in one’s house but also anywhere you feel threaten in public and are not the instigator of said situation or event. It also protects people who are protecting themselves or loved ones from civil liability from families of criminals that may decide to sue you. Could you please elaborate your position on HB40 and that idea in general?

Auditor General Jack Wagner: Adam Z – I have not analyzed HB 40; however, I do believe that an individual should be able to protect himself or herself in his or her own home.

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