Cong. Patrick Murphy Disappoints Gun Controllers, Gun Owners

Recently, the Philadelphia Inquirer quoted New Jersey gun controller Bryan Miller who is upset that donations to Cong. Patrick Murphy haven’t paid off nearly as much as they would have hoped.

Citing his support of a measure forcing the District of Columbia, a federal district, to comply with the Supreme Court decision in DC v. Heller, Bryan Miller of CeaseFire NJ is unhappy with Congressman Patrick Murphy. He claims that the young Representative’s relationship with Cong. John Murtha as a sign that Murphy is pro-gun.

Bryan Miller, executive director of Ceasefire NJ, expresses outrage. “As I understand it, Murphy is joined at the hip to [U.S. Rep.] John Murtha, and Murtha is a tied-at-the-hip NRA [National Rifle Association] guy,” Miller said. “I don’t see any other reason why a suburban Philadelphia Democrat, with Philadelphia going through the horrible throes of gun violence, would sign onto a bill making the availability of guns so much greater in D.C. I think, frankly, [Murphy] should be ashamed of himself.”

Alas, while Miller may be upset that the Brady Campaign investment in Patrick Murphy isn’t paying the legislative dividends they had hoped, Murphy is hardly supportive of the right to keep and bear arms.

Oddly, Murphy is trying to mix up his record in order to appear middle-of-the-road, according to quoted staff members.  His idea of middle-of-the-road?  Allow DC residents to own handguns for self-defense in their homes, but ban semi-automatic shotguns and rifles used for sport at the range.

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