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National Reciprocity & Congressional Action

Which Pennsylvania lawmakers sought or ran on NRA’s endorsement and have not signed on to support the current national reciprocity bill, H.R. 2959? While looking at the list of co-sponsors with an eye on those from Pennsylvania, I found some key names left off of the sponsors list. These are the members of the Pennsylvania…


Turning Commercial Shops & Ranges into Grassroots Headquarters

If every new gun buyer who rushed out during the last month to purchase a rifle or magazine contacted Congress, our rights would not be in so much danger. Here are non-controversial ways that gun stores and commercial ranges can help mobilize these new shooters for for political action.

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Sunday Hunting Legislative Efforts

Many gun owners and hunters are taking a closer look at another issue that has been up for debate for years now – opening hunting on Sundays in Pennsylvania. Many states, including Pennsylvania, have repealed nearly all of these blue laws that were originally enacted in order to regulate personal religious or moral behavior. Only a small minority maintain their blue laws against hunting.

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NRA Opposed To Kagan Nomination To U.S. Supreme Court

Joint Statement by Wayne LaPierre, NRA Executive Vice President & CEO, and Chris Cox, Executive Director of NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action There may be no vote a United States Senator casts that is more important than a vote to confirm a nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court. Now that the Court has clearly stated…

Pro-Gun Legislation to Move, but Not Without Tricks

Pro-Gun Legislation to Move, but Not Without Tricks

(cross posted from PAFOA) Tomorrow, the House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on Castle Doctrine legislation – a move we’ve been waiting on since November 19 when they held a hearing! However, it comes at a price. In addition to the vote on the important self-defense reforms, the committee is planning to vote on…