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Pat Toomey Works on Gun Control Bill

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you know we’ve been sounding the alarm since Friday that reports were coming out Senate Democrats were turning to Pennsylvania’s Republican Senator Pat Toomey for help on passing new gun control bills. It appears as though they may have convinced him.

NBC News also reports
that Sen. Toomey’s spokesperson is scheduling a press conference alongside West Virginia’s Sen. Joe Manchin to promote this deal.

There’s nothing available on what deal he put together, but Pennsylvania voters need to make every single phone in every single office ring loud and clear tomorrow morning. Every office that allows voicemails should have a completely full box by the time staff arrive. Call tonight; call again tomorrow.

Need a reminder for the phone numbers?

  • DC – (202) 224-4254
  • Allentown – (610) 434-1444
  • Erie – (814) 453-3010
  • Harrisburg – (717) 782-3951
  • Philadelphia – (215) 241-1090
  • Pittsburgh – (412) 803-3501
  • Scranton – (570) 941-3540
  • Johnstown – (814) 266-5970

If you find they are full by the time you call, send an email and call again in the morning when staff arrive.

It’s tough to say whether a flood of calls will truly change Sen. Toomey’s mind at this point, but the debate isn’t over and there have been no votes cast, so the message that gun owners are not happy needs to be sent loud and clear.

Sen. Toomey’s response is disconcerting since it means that some House Republicans from Pennsylvania in tight districts will likely look to support to gun control bills floated in the House of Representatives. With that in mind, it’s wise to start contacting your Congressman now, too. If you live in the ring counties of Philadelphia, this is particularly important.

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