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Obama Speaks Out Against Concealed Carry

Barack Obama has spent quite a bit of time trying to convince gun owners that he’s not against gun rights, but as this clip from an NPR interview highlights, he has remained an active supporter of banning all concealed carry licenses in the entire country even at the federal level.

It’s important to remember that when you listen to this clip that Obama told Pennsylvania gun owners that he simply doesn’t have the votes in Congress yet to go after their guns. However, with the risk of a filibuster-proof Congress on the way, that may not stay the case should Barack Obama win.


In the rest of the interview, he spends quite a bit of time calling for another ban on semi-automatic rifles, many of which are used at regular competitions throughout Bucks County.

He also says that the only issue he has with rationing guns to law abiding purchasers is that it’s “difficult to legislate at the federal level.” However, he does encourage states to pass laws limiting the number of guns that lawful gun owners can buy.

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