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The Bigger Election Picture

Though today’s headlines will focus on the presidential race, gun owners around Pennsylvania were watching many other races around the Commonwealth last night. Here’s a look at how those turned out.

Congressional Races
NRA endorsed 13 candidates for Congress this year around Pennsylvania, and we saw NRA-backed candidates win in 12 of those races. The single loss was incumbent Democrat Mark Critz who was in a nail-biter race until late into the night. However, he ultimately conceded to Keith Rothfus who also had an A-rating with NRA. Ultimately, it was no change for the Second Amendment.

Pennsylvania Senate
In the State Senate races this year (all odd-numbered districts), NRA endorsed candidates in 15 races, and was successful in 13 of those seats. The news on the two losses, both open seats, is not nearly as positive as above.

In Senate District 49, A-rated Janet Anderson was defeated by D-rated and anti-gun group endorsed Sean Wiley. In Senate District 15, A-rated John McNally was defeated by Rob Teplitz who refused to answer questions from gun owners in the district and did not return a questionnaire.

Pennsylvania House
NRA endorsed in 123 races, they have won at least 119 races as of shortly after midnight. Two races at the time were still too close to call based on information offered on county websites. In eight races, NRA-backed candidates were head-to-head with anti-gun endorsed candidates. Pro-rights forces have won five of those races, but lost in at least two.

Attorney General
The biggest loss for Pennsylvania gun owners tonight was the election of Kathleen Kane to the role of Attorney General. She has run on an aggressive platform of gun control, promising anti-gun groups that she would undo reciprocity agreements with other states that allow Pennsylvania gun owners to defend themselves when they cross state lines. She also promised to use the office to push for more gun control proposals and defend cities that willfully ignore preemption of state gun laws. Working with NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg, she will be a huge problem for the Keystone State’s gun owners for at least the next four years.

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