Incoming Attorney General Pledges Attacks

After loudly and proudly embracing an extreme gun control agenda presented by Pennsylvania’s primary state anti-gun group, Kathleen Kane has told the media that she plans to jump right into changing the role of the Attorney General’s office when it comes to gun policies.

Of course, the 46-year-old former assistant prosecutor has a host of other items on her to-do list: working to tighten the state’s gun laws, beefing up enforcement against child predators, and becoming an aggressive consumer advocate.

But as she prepares to take office in January, Kane promised an approach that could rattle the china in Harrisburg.

Kane already promised a local anti-rights group to revoke the reciprocity agreements that allow Pennsylvania’s licensed concealed carry holders to defend themselves when they travel in select states.

Pennsylvania’s law-abiding gun owners need to prepare to have their rights assaulted by the Attorney General’s office for the next four years.

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