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I didn’t see this one coming, and I suspect activist Adam didn’t either. After being asked to go on the record about a very controversial position to end preemption, Dan Onorato simply ignored the question from a gun owner while instead choosing to talk about baseball and pot.

[Comment From Adam Z]
Hello, I have asked this question to some of your fellow Democratic candidates so here is the question…Could you please state your stance on Gun Owners Rights? For example, there is a current piece of legislation in the PA House – HB 40. Here is a summary of the bill, as a reference point…”Short Title: An Act amending Titles 18 (Crimes and Offenses) and 42 (Judiciary and Judicial Procedure) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, further providing, in general principles of justification, for definitions, for use of force in self-protection, for use of force for the protection of other persons and for licenses to carry firearms; providing for civil immunity for use of force; and further providing for sentences for offenses committed with firearms. ” In other words, this is a type of “Castle Doctrine” legislation where someone would be protected legally if they were defending themselves or loved ones not only in their homes, but also out in public. This legislation would stipulate that the person defending themselves could not be the agitator or instigator of said event and also not engaged in any type of illegal activity. Also, it would protect individuals in civil court from being sued from families of criminals during the process of roberry or some sort of criminal acitivity. Could you please explain your stance on this piece of proposed legislation and your opinion on rights of Gun Owners in general?

Dan_Onorato: Adam Z: I support the 2nd Amendment and our sportsmen’s culture in Pennsylvania. I also support an individual’s rights to defend their homes — and current law allows you to do that, I do not believe we need to change that law. In addition, I believe we must also support common-sense measures to improve public safety — including a requirement to report lost-and-stolen handguns, child safety locks, and local options.

[Comment From Adam Z]
Thank you for your answer. So does your answer mean, that you are in favor of ending the PA State Preemption within the Commonwealth’s Constitution in regards to firearms legislation?

Dan_Onorato: [Silence]

Adam’s question was the only one that Onorato refused to address during the entire hourlong session.

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