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Launch of the PAGunRights YouTube Channel

Yesterday, we launched the brand new PAGunRights YouTube channel to profile videos relevant to Pennsylvania’s gun owners.

Our first video is from the January Progressive Summit where all of the Democratic candidates at the time endorsed various forms of gun control. Whether it is government control over how many guns you buy, making your carry permit worthless, or banning your favorite competition rifle, there’s a whole host of positions that will make the anti-gun crowd celebrate in this clip.


Since this debate, Chris Doherty dropped his flailing gubernatorial bid, and has instead decided he wants to make Harrisburg more anti-gun by filling the seat of A rated Senator Bob Mellow. His pro-gun challenger in the Democratic primary is A rated Rep. Jim Wansacz, our candidate of the week.

The gubernatorial race has also changed thanks to the entry of D rated Sen. Tony Williams. He knocked established candidate Joe Hoeffel out of the party endorsement race before he was even on the ballot. Needless to say, this has shaken things up in the campaign because the Southeast part of the state holds nearly half of the Democratic primary voters, which he and Hoeffel are expected to split.

We’ll have more videos in coming weeks from candidates who are talking about the Second Amendment.

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