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Keystone State Anti-Gun Group at White House

According to reports, the Philadelphia-based anti-gun group CeaseFire PA was invited to the White House to share what kinds of gun control proposals they would like to see enacted at the federal level.

At the state level, we know that they are focusing on limiting the number of guns that the law-abiding are allowed to purchase, and they also jumped on board to support to a radio caller’s suggestion that the state ban gun shows on public property. Their policy response has been somewhat muted by the fact that Gov. Tom Corbett made clear that he doesn’t believe that we should ban semi-automatic firearms in response to the Newtown shooting.

Most people watching the policy discussions in Washington, DC expect that any federal proposals will be far more sweeping than their state agenda. The most discussed legislative proposals are magazine bans, bans on semi-automatic rifles, and registration of gun owners who have recently purchased these legal and common firearms.

However, Ceasefire PA and the other groups that have also been asked to the White House are likely going to be asked by the administration to support executive orders issued by President Obama in coming weeks and months to restrict gun rights without the oversight of Congress. The White House is keeping a pretty tight lid on just what they plan to do, but they made clear that Executive Orders were going to be part of their gun control package. We do have a small preview of what their proposals might be based on due to the release under FOIA of documents submitted to the White House by NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s anti-gun group. However, without the concern of a looming election, it is expected that the White House will propose more broad Executive Orders than those suggested by Bloomberg for his first term.

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