Semi-Automatic Ban is “a Very Important Step”

Last Friday, Pennsylvania’s former Governor Tom Ridge was featured on MSNBC discussing the fact that he believes banning semi-automatic rifles is just a first step in tackling the issue of gun violence. He refused to say exactly what he would suggest as the next gun control steps, but he made very clear that he supports more controls in order to deal with general crime rates.

The following is from Gov. Ridge’s answer on whether or not he thinks Congress will act quickly to pass a ban on commonly owned semi-automatic firearms:

I think it will. I think the mood of the nation has changed. I think the fact that they were able to do it back in ’94. And we have to be honest with one another, this is a very important step, but it’s only the first step that the country must take if we’re going to deal with the issue of gun violence. And during the course of this discussion, nobody is talking to those 25-30 people a day who get killed in urban America on one-on-one.

When asked to give advice to President Barack Obama on how he should tackle public policy on guns, Gov. Ridge reiterated his urge to ban firearms:

Assault weapon ban, high capacity weapons, I mean there’s no reason for people to have those. I think it’s important for background checks. … But let’s not kid ourselves, the debate must continue on urban violence, one-on-one violence, culture issues, as well as mental health issues.

Ridge would not volunteer to explain what he defines as a “high capacity weapon” that should be banned. In Connecticut, one newly proposed bill would ban any firearm capable of shooting more than a single round. In New York, lawmakers are arbitrarily reducing the limit to seven rounds, even with an understanding that such sized magazines are not easily available for their law-abiding gun owners. Grandfathering currently owned firearms and magazines has been pushed off the table for many of these proposals. In fact, one Bucks County lawmaker has pledged a bill to ban and confiscate semi-automatic rifles.

If you have not yet done so, it’s important to contact your federal lawmakers now to oppose the many gun control proposals that have already been introduced or soon will be introduced.

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