“The NRA is out of control!”

Yesterday, Mayor Michael Nutter traveled to Washington, DC to hold a press conference alongside Chicago’s Richard Daley condemning the efforts of lawful gun owners to make states and municipalities recognize basic Second Amendment rights.

“This summer, the Court will decide whether Chicago’s guns laws are constitutional. The case could affect or open the door to countless — and needless — legal challenges to local and state gun laws across the country. Today, we stand here on behalf of the people of Chicago and the United States who have been victims of gun violence, on behalf of their families and loved ones and on behalf of all those who believe Chicago’s current gun law is constitutional,” Daley said.

Daley added later, “America rose up about smoking…why can’t we have America rise up against gun violence?”

The Chicago Sun-Times also reports that Mayor Nutter adamantly stated that “[t]he NRA is out of control.” One can presume that he also means to argue the 4 million members, more than half a million of which are in Pennsylvania, are “out of control” for merely asking him to recognize their basic human right to defend one’s life and family.

The press conference served to promote the brief previously filed by the mayors asking the Supreme Court to “minimize” the right to self-defense.

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