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Bloomberg Drops Big Money in Pennsylvania

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is spending $12 million dollars to target voters in key states, including Pennsylvania. The television ads run by the Mayor do not identify that they are funded by Bloomberg, and they feature a self-proclaimed gun owner actor who says that nothing about Sen. Chuck Schumer’s background check bill will put any current gun owners at risk. Informed gun owners who have read the language know that it’s an absolute trap designed to make the concept of a “transfer” so complicated that one needs legal advice to figure out if leaving town on a business trip will turn the entire family into felons facing five years in prison.

The anti-gun group founded & funded by Mayor Bloomberg is also making a splash local politics with an event in Bucks County this month. Mayors Against Illegal Guns is sponsoring a rally for gun control in Doylestown, 27 miles north of Philadelphia, alongside Rep. Steve Santarsiero‘s new anti-gun advocacy group, Bucks Safe, that will coincide with the television ad purchase.

The perception that Bloomberg’s political donations and multi-million dollar ad buys will provide political cover from upset voters may already be impacting the votes of Sen. Bob Casey. On Saturday morning, he voted against legislation that would prevent the United Nations from overriding individual Second Amendment rights protections through their Arms Trade Treaty. The amendment had bi-partisan support from Senators around the country, including Sen. Pat Toomey.

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