Status of Federal Gun Issues

independencehallIn recent months, I have notified many of the NRA members on my contact list of a few priority time-sensitive action items. In restarting this website, it’s time to update all of you on those issues:

Washington, DC Gun Rights

After months of pulling every promise and tactic out of their hat, anti-gun activists appear to have given up trying to remove the pro-Second Amendment Senate amendment to the DC Voting Rights Act as the legislation languishes in the House. While the bill could still be called at any time with anti-gun activists ready to strip DC residents of their Second Amendment rights, it appears to be shelved for the remainder of the Congress.

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer has specifically made noises that he will not try to bring the bill forward again. Hoyer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi would like to vote for the voting rights portion of the bill, but they would rather remove any mention of gun rights for the same DC residents. Pelosi recently called the amendment “a draconian gun bill” and reiterated her support for keeping the residents of our nation’s capital disarmed. However, the votes are not in her favor, as a majority of the House believes in basic Second Amendment rights. Should the bill come up again, you can find information here.

Pelosi’s Gun Owner Registration & Transportation Ban Proposals
Though Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi took to the airwaves to discuss gun control on Good Morning America in the spring to propose new restrictions on gun owners, she has not acted upon any of her own proposals. As you may recall, she reiterated her support for registering guns and their owners, a step that has historically lead to confiscation.

In addition, Speaker Pelosi she suggested that the Congress & Obama Administration should ban guns from crossing state lines. She wanted to put an end to competitions such as NRA’s Camp Perry, hurt hunters who prefer to take to the fields in a neighboring state, and potentially even restrict whether or not gun owners can take their firearms with them if they move.

Concerned by her close ties to Bucks County Congressman Patrick Murphy, we asked you to contact him and remind him that we are not San Francisco anti-gun extremists in Pennsylvania. Again, there has been no legislation moved since that time. Hopefully, we can keep it that way.

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