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We Don’t Give ‘A’s for Effort

In the pro-Second Amendment movement, politicians know that if they really need to stand up for sportsmen and their rights before they get a reasonable grade. But we don’t give credit just for showing up.

However, the anti-gun crowd is in such desperate shape that they do have to give out points for even acknowledging their existence.

After sportsmen flooded the Capitol yesterday with hundreds of activists, the anti-gun crowd was feeling a little left out of the limelight. So today they organized a conference call to issue grades for the gubernatorial candidates.


  • Joe Hoeffel: A
  • Anthony Williams: A-
  • Dan Onorato: B+
  • Jack Wagner: C+


  • Sam Rohrer: D
  • Tom Corbett: F

According to the Allentown Morning Call‘s John Micek, the group gave credit to Representative Sam Rohrer because he was willing to acknowledge their existence by taking time to complete their questionnaire and return it. Attorney General Tom Corbett, on the other hand, ignored them.

We will feature more information from the CeaseFire questionnaire this week.  Their responses may surprise you if you haven’t been following the race closely.

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