Lawmaker Launches Bucks County Anti-Gun Group

We reported in December that Rep. Steve Santarsiero announced plans to introduce a bill that would ban possession of semi-automatic rifles in Pennsylvania. He said that proposed federal bills that would merely ban future firearms were not draconian enough, and that the continued possession of these commonly owned firearms was “a considerable loophole that we here in Pennsylvania should and, indeed, must close.”

Now, Rep. Santarsiero has announced a new anti-gun organization for Bucks County. He calls the group “Bucks Safe,” and their mission says that a key policy initiative is to “draw a clear line in the sand between the weapons and ammunition that have a lawful place in our society and those that do not.”

If you live in Rep. Santarsiero’s district, now is the time to speak out against his proposed gun ban. Let him know that these firearms are some of the most commonly owned and used guns available today for every lawful use from home defense to competition.

If you live in Bucks County, make sure that you’re keeping up with all of the latest information on your rights. Don’t forget to contact your state lawmakers and ask them to stand up for the Second Amendment! Here are the other Bucks County lawmakers:

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