Making NRA Membership Lists Public

Jun 02, 10

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Did I get your attention? I figured that a title about campaign finance reform wouldn’t grab too many eyeballs. But telling people about the intended result of this “reform” probably would. I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now, but decided that Dave Kopel’s release of his June First...

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Taking Action Against Anti-Gun Mayors

The biggest issue for most Pennsylvanians looking to call for their mayors to leave the coalition will be convincing them that Mayor Bloomberg is a political liability. Here are tips you can follow.

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Writing an Effective Letter to the Editor

Jul 23, 08

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The mainstream media in and around Pennsylvania’s 8th District has traditionally given a large amount of column space to efforts and people calling for more restrictions on our Second Amendment rights. However, they are often willing to run commentaries and letters to the editor from law abiding gun owners who have a point to...

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