Philadelphia Denies Second Amendment

In a surprise to no one, when Philadelphia can’t find money to hire police officers and needs to close fire houses, they did find money to make sure they were represented in a brief pleading that the Court doesn’t force them honor the Bill of Rights. In fact, Philadelphia couldn’t be satisfied having just the city’s name on the brief, they also made sure to use police department resources so the Police Commissioner’s name could appear on the brief, too.

Incorporation would result in an unwarranted intrusion by the Federal Government into a field that falls exclusively within the States’ police powers. The States have a paramount interest in protecting their citizens and property from loss of life, injury and damage occasioned by violence and breach of peace. Even if each individual enjoys the right to bear at least some sort of arms for self-defense, the exercise of that right carries with it the risk of violence and breach of peace, which the States naturally would want to minimize for the good of the community as a whole. (emphasis added)

Is anyone surprised by a city that won’t follow state laws or pay attention to the state constitution wants a pass on individual rights, too? And for you uppity people who want the right to defend yourselves, well, they just need to make sure your rights are simply minimized.

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