$10 for Liberty

The weekend’s health care vote got partisans on both sides of the aisle wound up. Being wound up is a great way to generate good ideas for candidates on your side in any issue. So how can we learn from this in the gun issue?

For one, I really love this idea from one blogger itching to make a difference right now:

Conservatives/Libertarians/Independents are, by this point, acutely aware of the need to remove Democrats from office. This takes money. Lots and lots of money. As someone who is woefully underemployed, I don’t have large stashes of cash to send to candidates, so I was thinking that the best option would be to contribute $10 every week to a candidate of my choice until the election.

Obviously, his focus is a partisan one. However, the idea of choosing one or more candidates for regular donations throughout the course of an election year is not a bad one. In fact, it’s a great one! It doesn’t matter if the donations are small, they make a difference!

So with that idea in mind, we’re going to profile a different pro-gun campaign around Pennsylvania that could use your financial support each week. Giving just $10 is about the price of two lunches a week. Surely our rights are worth brown-bagging it for two days?

If $10/week is still too steep, considering giving a couple of hours each week, or a full day each month. Your time is worth gold to any candidate, and they could use it just as much as any financial contributions.

Week 1
Charlie Dent
Charlie DentRep. Dent is facing a serious challenge from a local mayor who has been working with NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg to bring his vision of gun control to Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, Dent’s opponent, as a White House recruit & friend of Bloomberg, is very well funded. This means that donations to Rep. Dent make a tangible difference in the race. These donations will pay for airtime, yard signs, and campaign literature that must cover every inch of the district if we want to send a pro-gun vote to Washington in 2010. This seat is at serious risk of flipping from A rated incumbent to an F rated freshman if we gun owners don’t step up and help our friend in Congress out during this tough time.
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