Blowback to Heller? Or an Informed Community?

In light of Heller, there are some in this country who would like to repeal the Second Amendment rather than acknowledge the fundamental individual right to self-defense. In the arguments for the McDonald case last month, Chicago’s attorney sure came off as trying to re-argue the concept of individual protections for civil rights. Though those folks are tough to find on the street, it appears that a few of them may be furiously Googling information about the process.

The chart above reflects the number of search results for the phrase “repeal the __ amendment” for each and every amendment in the US Constitution. This chart only measures the prevalence of such statements on the internet, and may not represent the sentiment you might assume.

Another consideration for these results is that the supporters of various amendments may be writing about efforts to repeal specific amendments and want to mobilize to stop it. Clearly, we hope that is the case with the Second Amendment!

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