Engaging Lawmakers Online

We regularly post the social media homes of candidates and current politicians, and there’s a reason for that tradition. There’s no better example of why it is important to engage with candidates than the experience of our colleague in PA-19.

Jason, the NRA-EVC for York and Adams Counties, with part of Cumberland County, found out about an online townhall conducted by his local lawmaker, Representative Eugene DePasquale. Given that the House Judiciary Committee has refused to hold a vote on the Castle Doctrine bill, HB 40, there are few lawmakers on the record about the issue.

Seeing an opportunity, Jason decided to ask Rep. DePasquale about his support for the legislation in advance of the Right to Keep & Bear Arms Rally in Harrisburg this month. With questions submitted via email before the event and through an online submission form during the time, it was easy for constituents to participate in the event.

New media tools present us with unprecedented access to lawmakers. We can share opinions & know that the legislators or their staff see the responses quickly. Taking a few minutes to follow your elected officials – or those who want to become your elected officials – online can reap you significant rewards in terms of information on the latest happenings and also give you a new, louder voice.

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