SE Pennsylvania Towns Talk Gun Control

All of the federal gun control bills and state proposals aren’t stopping local towns from weighing in on the Second Amendment battles.

On the anti-rights side, we have seen quite a bit of action. First there was the effort by Lower Makefield to lobby for ending preemption, but they deserve credit for rescinding their resolution.

In the next county over, Upper Moreland is currently pushing to use public resources to lobby for more gun control, seemingly for semi-automatic rifle bans and more – possibly including full registration according to supporters. (Unfortunately, the township hasn’t posted minutes, resolution text, or videos from recent meetings, so actual language isn’t easily available.) One of the Upper Moreland proposal’s supporters compared gun owners & NRA members to Nazis during public debate during the January meeting. Township residents who want to oppose this should contact their commissioners this week and follow up at their March 4 7pm regular meeting at Township Building, 117 Park Avenue in Willow Grove.

On the pro-rights side, New Britain, PA is considering a resolution to reaffirm the Second Amendment is an individual right and that the town “strongly objects to the passage of any new law or regulation … that infringes upon Second Amendment rights.”

Explaining why she wanted the resolution, [Councilwoman Mary Pat] Holewinski said, “When I was elected and sworn in, I swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the Pennsylvania Constitution. I introduced it as a means for borough council to show support for the Constitution.”

Residents who want to weigh in on the pro-Second Amendment resolution can attend the March 12 meeting at 7:30 p.m. at Borough Hall.

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