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Bird Shoot Ban to be Debated

NRA-ILA alerts us to the fact that tomorrow could be an important voting day for an amendment to ban bird shoots in Pennsylvania. Senator Patrick Browne (R-16) has filed an amendment to House Bill 39, which will be heard tomorrow, Tuesday, July 14, in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Bird shooting is an historic and legitimate activity steeped in tradition with many participants throughout the Commonwealth and around the world. For over one hundred years, shoots have been held in Pennsylvania by law-abiding, ethical shooting enthusiasts, hunters, and sportsmen who would not tolerate an activity that would constitute cruelty to animals.

National “animal rights” extremist groups, led by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), have organized and funded efforts in Pennsylvania and around the country to ban this longstanding traditional shooting sport. Make no mistake; this isn’t just about banning bird shooting, but banning all hunting species by species.

Pennsylvania gun owners are encouraged to call members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and request a no vote.

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