Reminders that Elections Have Consequences


Between the 5-4 decision in the McDonald case and the confirmation hearings on the nomination of Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court this week, this commentary from Sarah Palin at last month’s NRA Annual Meeting is a reminder that gun owners cannot afford to sit out of any elections.

But showing up a your polling place isn’t enough if you really have the drive to win. We must get involved with campaigns. It’s not a particularly challenging task, nor does it have to be hugely time-consuming.

Giving just a couple of hours a month to make phone calls to registered voters will give you the power to reach hundreds of families who can turn up on Election Day to vote for your candidate. Knocking on doors for just a couple of hours a month will reach dozens of voters who will be left with a reminder that real people – some of their neighbors – are dedicated enough to support the right candidates on the ballot. If you’ve got special skills, such as web design experience, you could offer to help out smaller campaigns by plugging holes that their campaign coffers are not yet big enough to fill.

But even if you have no time or money to dedicate to pro-gun candidates, make sure you show up on Election Day. Tell your friends and family. Remember that elections do matter.

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