National Reciprocity & Congressional Action

Which Pennsylvania lawmakers sought or ran on NRA’s endorsement and have not signed on to support the current national reciprocity bill, H.R. 2959? While looking at the list of co-sponsors with an eye on those from Pennsylvania, I found some key names left off of the sponsors list. These are the members of the Pennsylvania...

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Heading into the 2014 Elections

Here's a preview of the federal races that Pennsylvania gun owners need to be watching as we inch closer to primary & general elections.

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Municipalities Violating Preemption

Unfortunately, some local governments show why they cannot be trusted to treat gun owners fairly - or even treat them legally within the bounds of their own power. We did a little digging into an ordinance in Bucks County to show why we need strong preemption.

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NRA Takes Over Harrisburg Sportsmen’s Show

Apr 16, 13 NRA Takes Over Harrisburg Sportsmen’s Show

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After a ban on modern sporting rifles generated so much backlash that the traditional sportsmen's show in Harrisburg had to be cancelled, local leaders started searching for a new vendor. Today, it was announced that NRA will host the show.

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Pat Toomey Works on Gun Control Bill

Senate Democrats sought a Republican to help them forge a gun control bill. Unfortunately, it appears as though Pennsylvania's Senator Toomey volunteered to assist. We need to make our voices heard--now.

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Lancaster to Vote on Gun Control Resolution

Lancaster's City Council is expected to vote on Tuesday to support Michael Bloomberg's Mayors Against Guns & local gun owners are organizing opposition.

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Standing to Fight Bloomberg’s Billions

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg is dropping big bucks and partnering with President Obama to make a big splash for gun control today. NRA members will stand & fight against this attack on our rights.

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Bloomberg Drops Big Money in Pennsylvania

Spending millions on television ads and anti-gun rallies, NYC Mayor Bloomberg is hoping the promise of his money will encourage lawmakers to ignore pro-rights voters.

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PA to Get $19.1 Million in Guns & Ammo Taxes

Mar 21, 13 PA to Get $19.1 Million in Guns & Ammo Taxes

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Record gun and ammunition sales in recent years mean more money flowing back into states for projects that benefit shooters and hunters.

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Gun Club Political Activism in Election Years

Mar 20, 13 Gun Club Political Activism in Election Years

Posted by in 2A Support

With the anti-gun legislation recently signed in Colorado & New York, gun owners need to start planning for 2014's elections right now. Here are some tips to help you out in your efforts.

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