Bucks County Legislative Grade Updates

Due to the delayed votes over Castle Doctrine in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives & Senate, the NRA magazines that landed in today’s mailboxes are incorrect. One very important race deserves attention from voters, and we’ve got updates on other races around the Bucks County area vital for gun owners. Rob...

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The Fight for Self-Defense

To the surprise of many gun owners, the battle to pass a simple self-defense law that allows you to defend yourself from attack on your own property was delayed for months by a small minority of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. This comes as even more of a shock if you only look at the story through the vote totals from...

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Lawmakers Meet Pro-Gun Activists

If you haven’t joined the mass of gun owners swarming the Capitol today, you’re missing out on incredible access opportunities with your local lawmakers. As the EVCs for PA-8 & PA-13, we paired up to hit many of the shared districts around Montgomery & Bucks Counties. Though we did not have time to visit every...

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Gun Rights in PA’s 8th District

Overall, NRA-endorsed candidates won more than they lost, and we seemingly may have picked up a couple of potentially positive seats here in Pennsylvania's 8th District.

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Second Amendment Statement by Frank Farry

Nov 01, 08 Second Amendment Statement by Frank Farry

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Recently, candidate for State Representative Frank Farry sent the following statement to sportsmen in the 142nd District about his support for our issues.

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