Pat Toomey Works on Gun Control Bill

Senate Democrats sought a Republican to help them forge a gun control bill. Unfortunately, it appears as though Pennsylvania's Senator Toomey volunteered to assist. We need to make our voices heard--now.

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Bloomberg Drops Big Money in Pennsylvania

Spending millions on television ads and anti-gun rallies, NYC Mayor Bloomberg is hoping the promise of his money will encourage lawmakers to ignore pro-rights voters.

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Background Check Bill Moves in US Senate

Anti-gun Senators kept the contents of their so-called background check bill quiet until after it passed from the Judiciary Committee. Now that we know what is in it, it appears the goal is to set up so many legal problems for gun owners that nearly every single one could face felony charges.

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Joe Biden Comes to PA for Gun Control Meeting

The Vice President's visit, announced Thursday afternoon, is so far being kept quiet and will not be open to the public for comment from voters.

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Political Pledges of New Gun Control

In Pennsylvania, we've got the following reports from various politicians calling for more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners, both federal and local.

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Down Ticket Races Pennsylvania Gun Owners Need to Watch

If you watch most political coverage in mainstream outlets, the focus is on the presidential race. However, Congress has just as much impact as the presidency when it comes to legislation that can impact our rights.

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2012 Federal Elections Taking Shape

Oct 15, 11 2012 Federal Elections Taking Shape

Posted by in Barack Obama, Bob Casey

Here we are just a few weeks out from the 2011 elections, but most political news is really about 2012. We take a look some of the big federal race in Pennsylvania.

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Talking Freedom at NRA Annual Meeting

May 04, 11

Posted by in Federal, Pat Toomey

At the second largest NRA Annual Meeting in history, politicians came out in droves to celebrate with tens of thousands of NRA members in Pittsburgh. Here’s a video of Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) discussing American exceptionalism and freedom. He also made time to thank NRA members for their support during the election. ...

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NRA Events Around Pennsylvania

Sep 27, 10

Posted by in 2A Support, Pat Toomey

This week, NRA staff will be busy around the Commonwealth recruiting volunteers, drumming up support for pro-gun candidates, and meeting members in every corner. Here are some of the activities planned for NRA members: Tuesday, September 28 Three rallies with Pat Toomey will be hosted around the state. The Senate seat will be...

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NRA Opposed To Kagan Nomination To U.S. Supreme Court

Joint Statement by Wayne LaPierre, NRA Executive Vice President & CEO, and Chris Cox, Executive Director of NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action There may be no vote a United States Senator casts that is more important than a vote to confirm a nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court. Now that the Court has clearly stated...

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