A Look at Elena Kagan’s Second Amendment Record

David Kopel is the Research Director of the Independence Institute, an NRA instructor, a Second Amendment scholar, and a friend of PAGunRights.com. On Thursday evening, he testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Elena Kagan’s record on the Second Amendment. His commentary discusses the “Clinton-Kagan gun...

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We Win!

The Second Amendment is now incorporated to cover state and local governments according to today’s opinion released in McDonald vs. Chicago. According to SCOTUS Blog, the decision has been released today, and we’ll have more details as the opinion is shared with the public. In the meantime, please take a few minutes to...

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Federal Election Highlights

Since we’ve been focusing on state news lately, here are headlines that Pennsylvania gun owners should be watching in the federal races across the Keystone State: A rated Congressman Bill Shuster may be facing a new opponent in November. No Democrat filed to run in time for the May 18 primary, so now one man is waging a...

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The Colorful Political Scene in Pennsylvania

Apr 17, 10 The Colorful Political Scene in Pennsylvania

Posted by in Governor, US House, US Senate

If you take a look at the latest Cook Political Report survey of Pennsylvania’s races, you just might go color blind. Charlie Cook, the non-partisan analyst, has billed Pennsylvania’s Congressional races some of the most competitive in the country. Two districts – PA-7 and PA-12 – are rated complete...

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Petition Challenges 101 for Gunnies

Think things are final for the May primary? Not quite. This week, challenges were lodged against more than 85 candidates to have them booted off of the ballot. Find out how this relates to gun owners and the races we're watching.

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Southeast PA Candidate Event

Feb 03, 10 Southeast PA Candidate Event

Posted by in Pat Toomey, Tom Corbett, US House

Pro-gun candidates on the right will participate in a Philadelphia-area candidate forum for Senate, House seats, Governor, and Lt. Governor.

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State of Pennsylvania Gun Rights in 2010

Here's a preview of what issues will be big for gun owners in 2010. The state of gun rights is generally strong, but how long it remains that way is up to you.

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NRA Announces Bipartisan Congressional Amicus

Nov 23, 09 NRA Announces Bipartisan Congressional Amicus

Posted by in Federal, US House, US Senate

NRA reports that 251 Members of Congress & 58 Senators support the incorporation of the Second Amendment. Find out which members of Pennsylvania's delegation will be on the wrong side of history.

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Members of Congress to Submit SCOTUS Brief

Members of Congress are lining up to write a pro-rights brief in the history-making McDonald v. Chicago. Will the PA delegation join in? Here is the latest news.

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BATFE Reform Bills Need Help from PA Leaders

Vital legislation to reform ATF regulations is pending in both the US House & Senate. Your phone calls are needed to get Pennsylvania's Senators & members of Congress on board.

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