Biden Proud of Gun Banning History

Now that Barack Obama has selected his vice presidential nominee, Joe Biden, here are a few ideas of what that means for gun owners.

  1. During the Democratic YouTube debate, Joe Biden claimed a gun owner was not “mentally stable” simply because he asked the candidates about their views on gun rights. He followed with a statement that he was proud to have authored gun ban legislation, a lesson he apparently didn’t learn after his party’s losses in 1994 due to support of a wide-reaching rifle ban.
  2. Joe Biden maintains an F-rating from the NRA – one of the worst among the many possible Vice Presidential nominees Obama was considering.
  3. Biden earned that rating by voting to expose the lawful firearm industry to frivilous lawsuits, extend and expand the Clinton gun bans and ban on most hunting-rifle ammunition.
  4. The Delaware Senator refuses to even pay lip-service to the Constitutional protection argument, refusing to sign on to the Congressional amicus brief in DC vs. Heller with 54 of his colleagues in the Senate.

Between Joe Biden’s pride in wanting to ban our sporting, hunting, and self-protection firearms and Barack Obama’s plans for change, gun owners cannot afford to stay at home this election. In November, we have the opportunity to tell him and Joe Biden where they can put their plans to erase the effective meaning of the Second Amendment.

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