Pro-Gun Candidate of the Week: Jonathan Jenkins

We’re going to profile a different pro-gun campaign around Pennsylvania that could use your financial support each week. Giving just $10 is about the price of two lunches a week. Surely our rights are worth brown-bagging it for two days?

If $10/week is still too steep, considering giving a couple of hours each week, or a full day each month. Your time is worth gold to any candidate, and they could use it just as much as any financial contributions.

Week 2
Jonathan Jenkins
Jonathan JenkinsOn the surface, this might seem like an unusual race for us to profile since the candidate doesn’t actually have an NRA rating yet. But Jonathan Jenkins is an NRA life member and has worked closely with NRA’s EVC in his district for a number of years. Jenkins is challenging an incumbent in his own party who has not only been poorly rated for years, but his grade has continued to drop down to a D- in the last election. By the time things get to the November general election, things won’t look any better since the Democratic opposition also maintains a D- rating. This House seat is actually represented by a strongly pro-gun Senator, so we know that gun owners can make the difference in the region when they show up at the polls. Let’s help Jonathan raise the funds he needs to get his message out to the voters and finally turn this House seat into one that represents the people of Chester County!
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