Second Amendment Enforcement Act Dies without House Vote

We reported on Monday that rumors abounded the Second Amendment Enforcement Act might come up for a vote this week on the House floor with the DC Voting Rights Act. According to Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz, the bill was scheduled for a vote today when it was suddenly yanked off the schedule on Tuesday.

While some Washington, DC leaders were willing to concede to the amendment that would bring the District’s gun laws in line with other states and end their abuse of gun owners, the Democratic leadership has decided they will not accept any pro-gun language in the bill.

The Washington Post’s Ben Pershing reports that House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer has announced that a D.C. voting rights bill will not come up this session, in part because of opposition to an amendment that would have eliminated most of the District’s gun-control laws.

“At this point in time I do not see the ability to move it in this session of Congress,” said Hoyer (D-Md.), who added that he was “extraordinarily disappointed.” …

But while Hoyer alluded to the Utah dispute, he made clear that the gun control language was the biggest stumbling block.

“The price was too high,” Hoyer said.

Several DC council members wanted to accept the Second Amendment Enforcement Act, not because they support our rights, but because they realize that their continued abuse of gun owners will be brought down in the future through the courts or Congress.

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