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A Night at the Races

Gun owners really hit some home runs last night in the 2010 Pennsylvania primary races. Some wins were completely unexpected, and others weren’t what we hoped other than keeping anti-gun leaders down. Here’s a run down of just a few stand out races we were watching for our Second Amendment rights: Lt. Governor –...

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New Technology Makes Pro-Gun Events More Social

May 12, 10 New Technology Makes Pro-Gun Events More Social

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(Borrowed from PAFOA.) At last month’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms Rally, PAFOA not only embraced using Twitter and Facebook as a means of spreading news, but members used coordinated tags to have and track conversations about the events. Using the hashtag #2ARally, gun owners were able to label their live reports so folks at...

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Philadelphia Democrats Talk Gun Control

While not all anti-gun politicians are from Philadelphia, the largest metro area in the state does seem to harbor the most gun control advocates. We’ve captured just a few of their calls for more gun bans, government control over your speech and gun purchases, and ending statewide preemption of gun laws. Take a look so you...

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Specter & Sestak Debate Gun Control

May 06, 10 Specter & Sestak Debate Gun Control

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During last weekend’s only debate between the Democratic candidates for US Senate, the issue of gun control was brought to the forefront early on in the event. Topics include banning private sales, banning rifles, and registries. In fact, Joe Sestak won’t even concede that firearms may be used for self-defense...

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We All Have to Work to Win Big

May 05, 10 We All Have to Work to Win Big

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As gun owners, we cannot sit out of the elections in 2010 just because it seems like the tide may turn in the favor of pro-gun candidates in the fall. President Obama’s political wing, Organizing for America (formerly Obama for America, called OFA), plans to target all of the new voters they registered in 2008 to swing close...

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State Candidates Use Social Media to Reach Voters

You’d think with the smaller campaign budgets of state Senate & House candidates that more of them would use social networking tools to build an army of volunteers and keep voters informed. But alas, only a few in the Southeast corner of the state have taken the opportunity to set up these social media homes. Here are...

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York Representative Put on the Record on Castle Doctrine

May 03, 10 York Representative Put on the Record on Castle Doctrine

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Here is video from two “cyber town halls” hosted by York’s Representative Eugene DePasquale where gun owners jumped in to ask him questions about an issue they feel strongly about in this legislative cycle – Castle Doctrine. We previously covered how easy it is to engage lawmakers and help candidates through...

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Lt. Governor Candidates Looking for Your Votes Online

With the prevalence of social networking, and the low barrier to entry, it’s no wonder that even the most far-fetched of candidates for the often overlooked office of Lieutenant Governor are using the tools to find votes and raiser their profiles. Here’s where you can find the folks who want to be your next leader on...

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Federal Election Highlights

Since we’ve been focusing on state news lately, here are headlines that Pennsylvania gun owners should be watching in the federal races across the Keystone State: A rated Congressman Bill Shuster may be facing a new opponent in November. No Democrat filed to run in time for the May 18 primary, so now one man is waging a...

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We Don’t Give ‘A’s for Effort

In the pro-Second Amendment movement, politicians know that if they really need to stand up for sportsmen and their rights before they get a reasonable grade. But we don’t give credit just for showing up. However, the anti-gun crowd is in such desperate shape that they do have to give out points for even acknowledging their...

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