PA to Get $19.1 Million in Guns & Ammo Taxes

Mar 21, 13

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Record gun and ammunition sales in recent years mean more money flowing back into states for projects that benefit shooters and hunters.

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Background Check Bill Moves in US Senate

Anti-gun Senators kept the contents of their so-called background check bill quiet until after it passed from the Judiciary Committee. Now that we know what is in it, it appears the goal is to set up so many legal problems for gun owners that nearly every single one could face felony charges.

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Upcoming Elections: 2013

Gun owners have a chance to make a difference for the Second Amendment in this year's municipal elections against mayors who have been quietly lobbying federal officials in support of a ban on semi-automatic rifles.

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Kathleen Kane Goes National with Gun Control

Feb 26, 13 Kathleen Kane Goes National with Gun Control

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The Attorney General has decided to take her gun control campaign to the national airwaves and claim that the Commonwealth's citizens would happily accept new restrictions on their rights.

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SE Pennsylvania Towns Talk Gun Control

Feb 26, 13 SE Pennsylvania Towns Talk Gun Control

Posted by in Local

All of the federal gun control bills and state proposals aren't stopping local towns from weighing in on the Second Amendment battles.

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Federal Lawmakers Targeted by Obama

President Obama is spending big bucks on a Twitter campaign today to target three PA lawmakers he thinks he can cause problems for with Second Amendment issues.

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Lower Makefield Backs Down on Weakening Preemption

Feb 21, 13 Lower Makefield Backs Down on Weakening Preemption

Posted by in 2A Support, Local

Local authorities in Bucks County passed a resolution to lobby for breaking apart Pennsylvania's gun laws that protect gun owners. Local gun owners showed up to let them know that it was a big mistake, and lawmakers listened.

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Joe Biden in Philly for Gun Control Meeting

Vice President Biden decided to lecture Philadelphia-area tv viewers and newspaper readers about how banning commonly owned firearms isn't a violation of the Second Amendment.

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New Carry Restrictions in Pennsylvania

Feb 08, 13 New Carry Restrictions in Pennsylvania

Posted by in Kathleen Kane, State

Just as promised on the campaign trail, Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, is now “modifying” reciprocity agreements to restrict carry in the Keystone State. Pennsylvania residents who have Florida permits can keep them, but they will no longer be valid in Pennsylvania. More importantly, non-Florida...

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Joe Biden Comes to PA for Gun Control Meeting

The Vice President's visit, announced Thursday afternoon, is so far being kept quiet and will not be open to the public for comment from voters.

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