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Lower Makefield Backs Down on Weakening Preemption

Feb 21, 13 Lower Makefield Backs Down on Weakening Preemption

Posted by in 2A Support, Local

Local authorities in Bucks County passed a resolution to lobby for breaking apart Pennsylvania's gun laws that protect gun owners. Local gun owners showed up to let them know that it was a big mistake, and lawmakers listened.

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Joe Biden in Philly for Gun Control Meeting

Vice President Biden decided to lecture Philadelphia-area tv viewers and newspaper readers about how banning commonly owned firearms isn't a violation of the Second Amendment.

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New Carry Restrictions in Pennsylvania

Feb 08, 13 New Carry Restrictions in Pennsylvania

Posted by in Kathleen Kane, State

Just as promised on the campaign trail, Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, is now “modifying” reciprocity agreements to restrict carry in the Keystone State. Pennsylvania residents who have Florida permits can keep them, but they will no longer be valid in Pennsylvania. More importantly, non-Florida...

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Joe Biden Comes to PA for Gun Control Meeting

The Vice President's visit, announced Thursday afternoon, is so far being kept quiet and will not be open to the public for comment from voters.

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Lawmaker Launches Bucks County Anti-Gun Group

Jan 30, 13 Lawmaker Launches Bucks County Anti-Gun Group

Posted by in State, Steve Santarsiero

Rep. Steve Santarsiero told folks in December that the continued ownership of semi-automatic rifles was a "loophole" that must be closed in Pennsylvania - in other words, confiscation. Now he has launched a new organization from Bucks County to push his agenda in Harrisburg.

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Turning Carry License Demand into Political Action

In Lackawanna County, the sheriff is posting extra hours due to concealed carry license demand spikes. This is a great opportunity to reach out to other gun owners who want to defend our rights.

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Semi-Automatic Ban is “a Very Important Step”

Jan 14, 13 Semi-Automatic Ban is “a Very Important Step”

Posted by in Federal, Former Candidates

Former Governor Tom Ridge was on MSNBC discussing the fact that he believes banning semi-automatic rifles is just a first step in tackling the issue of gun violence.

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Keystone State Anti-Gun Group at White House

Jan 09, 13 Keystone State Anti-Gun Group at White House

Posted by in Federal, State, Tom Corbett

According to reports, the Philadelphia-based CeaseFire PA was invited to the White House to share what kinds of gun control proposals they would like to see enacted at the federal level.

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Turning Commercial Shops & Ranges into Grassroots Headquarters

If every new gun buyer who rushed out during the last month to purchase a rifle or magazine contacted Congress, our rights would not be in so much danger. Here are non-controversial ways that gun stores and commercial ranges can help mobilize these new shooters for for political action.

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Getting Your Grassroots On in Gun Clubs

We gun owners know that we have a huge community with online email lists and forums, rod and gun clubs, and commercial shooting ranges with active shooting leagues. But how do we turn all of those connections into meaningful political action? Here are specific ideas.

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