Pennsylvania Sends a Clear Message to Anti-Gun Leaders

Gun control advocates from New York, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into Pennsylvania in order to promote the Mike Bloomberg agenda & New York-style gun control in Tuesday’s elections.  The good news is that NRA members spoke up and told him that we would not let him buy our...

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Bucks County Legislative Grade Updates

Due to the delayed votes over Castle Doctrine in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives & Senate, the NRA magazines that landed in today’s mailboxes are incorrect. One very important race deserves attention from voters, and we’ve got updates on other races around the Bucks County area vital for gun owners. Rob...

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The Fight for Self-Defense

To the surprise of many gun owners, the battle to pass a simple self-defense law that allows you to defend yourself from attack on your own property was delayed for months by a small minority of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. This comes as even more of a shock if you only look at the story through the vote totals from...

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We Win!

The Second Amendment is now incorporated to cover state and local governments according to today’s opinion released in McDonald vs. Chicago. According to SCOTUS Blog, the decision has been released today, and we’ll have more details as the opinion is shared with the public. In the meantime, please take a few minutes to...

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Gun Control Fails & Self-Defense Reform Moves!

May 25, 10

Posted by in Paul Drucker, State

Many gun owners had their eyes on Harrisburg today when the House Judiciary Committee leadership forced three anti-gun bills up for a vote if they were going to be asked to vote on important self-defense reform through Castle Doctrine. Among the worst of the three gun bills, HB 1044 would have ended preemption in Pennsylvania. ...

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State Candidates Use Social Media to Reach Voters

You’d think with the smaller campaign budgets of state Senate & House candidates that more of them would use social networking tools to build an army of volunteers and keep voters informed. But alas, only a few in the Southeast corner of the state have taken the opportunity to set up these social media homes. Here are...

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York Representative Put on the Record on Castle Doctrine

May 03, 10

Posted by in Eugene DePasquale, State

Here is video from two “cyber town halls” hosted by York’s Representative Eugene DePasquale where gun owners jumped in to ask him questions about an issue they feel strongly about in this legislative cycle – Castle Doctrine. We previously covered how easy it is to engage lawmakers and help candidates through...

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Lawmakers Meet Pro-Gun Activists

If you haven’t joined the mass of gun owners swarming the Capitol today, you’re missing out on incredible access opportunities with your local lawmakers. As the EVCs for PA-8 & PA-13, we paired up to hit many of the shared districts around Montgomery & Bucks Counties. Though we did not have time to visit every...

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Engaging Lawmakers Online

We regularly post the social media homes of candidates and current politicians, and there’s a reason for that tradition. There’s no better example of why it is important to engage with candidates than the experience of our colleague in PA-19. Jason, the NRA-EVC for York and Adams Counties, with part of Cumberland...

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Petition Challenges 102 for Gunnies

Mar 20, 10 Petition Challenges 102 for Gunnies

Posted by in PA House, PA Senate, US House

We take another look at more challenges to candidates filed this week, including some inter-party shenanigans in PA-13. Take a look at races that matter for gun owners.

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