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The Guaranteed Strategy to Winning Elections

Jan 14, 10 The Guaranteed Strategy to Winning Elections

Posted by in Voter Turnout

Surprisingly, there is a guaranteed strategy to winning almost any election. It's not really a secret, but it would seem that some people forgot about it in Virginia this week.

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Game Changes Before the Big Day

Jan 13, 10 Game Changes Before the Big Day

Posted by in Candidates

With so many candidate announcements, it can be hard for those who aren't political junkies to keep up with what's happening. We'll tell you when - and where - to find the latest news before May's primary election.

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Alinsky on Where to Start Your Activism

Jan 09, 10 Alinsky on Where to Start Your Activism

Posted by in Tips & Tricks

Starting your activism from the right perspective does wonders in how good you feel about the activities in which you participate and the final results come Election Night or a key legislative vote. Saul Alinsky offers some useful advice.

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More Pennsylvania Voices in McDonald

We already told you about the pro-rights lawmakers from Pennsylvania supporting the McDonald challenge to Chicago's handgun ban. Now learn about who is working against your rights here at home.

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Going a Little Alinsky

Jan 06, 10 Going a Little Alinsky

Posted by in Tips & Tricks

Can Second Amendment activists learn from Saul Alinsky? Sure! Here's a quick introduction and real life example that Alinsky used to teach young people about organizing in politics.

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PA-8 Republican Candidate Forum

Jan 05, 10 PA-8 Republican Candidate Forum

Posted by in US House

A local group, Kitchen Table Patriots, is hosting a forum for all declared conservative candidates for the 8th Congressional District seat. Find out more and attend if you live in the area!

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Countdown to Election Day – Take Action Now

Jan 04, 10 Countdown to Election Day – Take Action Now

Posted by in 2A Support, Candidates

It might seem like November is still far away. But Primary Election Day is much closer - May 18. Candidate forums are popping up in various districts, allowing you to be an informed voter & to let candidates know you want gun rights protected!

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Pennsylvania Voices in McDonald

Though McDonald's impact on gun laws in the Keystone State will likely be minimal, several of our lawmakers have been involved in the case so far.

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State of Pennsylvania Gun Rights in 2010

Here's a preview of what issues will be big for gun owners in 2010. The state of gun rights is generally strong, but how long it remains that way is up to you.

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Gun Rights Review 2009

Dec 31, 09 Gun Rights Review 2009

Posted by in Federal

NRA-ILA has provided a year-end look at the big news stories for members in 2009. Tomorrow look for our preview of what 2010 holds for gun owners and where your help will be needed to advance the Second Amendment.

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