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Turning Commercial Shops & Ranges into Grassroots Headquarters

If every new gun buyer who rushed out during the last month to purchase a rifle or magazine contacted Congress, our rights would not be in so much danger. Here are non-controversial ways that gun stores and commercial ranges can help mobilize these new shooters for for political action.

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Getting Your Grassroots On in Gun Clubs

We gun owners know that we have a huge community with online email lists and forums, rod and gun clubs, and commercial shooting ranges with active shooting leagues. But how do we turn all of those connections into meaningful political action? Here are specific ideas.

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Gun Shows Banned from State Property?

Jan 04, 13 Gun Shows Banned from State Property?

Posted by in State, Tom Corbett

The Associated Press reported that Gov. Tom Corbett is considering a ban on any gun shows on public property, but it appears to be a case of the press creating a story where there otherwise is none. Considering that the Governor recently made clear that gun bans are not on the table for the Commonwealth under his administration,...

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Former Teacher to Introduce Bill for Armed School Personnel

Jan 04, 13 Former Teacher to Introduce Bill for Armed School Personnel

Posted by in Greg Lucas, State

State Rep. Greg Lucas announced that he'll soon sponsor legislation allowing trained and licensed school personnel to carry firearms.

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Gov. Tom Corbett on Gun Bans

Dec 20, 12 Gov. Tom Corbett on Gun Bans

Posted by in Federal, State, Tom Corbett

The press challenged Gov. Corbett to change his mind on banning legal firearms today, and he responded with a clear message that he doesn't see the answer to tragedies in gun bans.

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Political Pledges of New Gun Control

In Pennsylvania, we've got the following reports from various politicians calling for more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners, both federal and local.

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Every Vote Counts

It seems like every election, we have at least one race right here in Pennsylvania that was determined by a razor-thin margin. Here is a look at the close races for gun owners.

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40 Gun Control Proposals on White House Desks

Nov 09, 12 40 Gun Control Proposals on White House Desks

Posted by in Federal, Mayors Against Guns

The White House and relevant agencies already have a 40-point plan to enact new gun controls without any check from Congress. Not a single vote must be cast where we have a chance to lobby our local members of the House or two Senators.

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Incoming Attorney General Pledges Attacks

Nov 08, 12 Incoming Attorney General Pledges Attacks

Posted by in Kathleen Kane, State

After proudly embracing an extreme gun control agenda presented by Pennsylvania's primary state anti-gun group, Kathleen Kane has told the media that she plans to jump right into changing the role of the Attorney General's office when it comes to gun policies.

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The Bigger Election Picture

Though today's headlines will focus on the presidential race, gun owners around Pennsylvania were watching many other races around the Commonwealth last night. Here's a look at how those turned out.

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