Thank Pro-2A Members of Congress!

There's a quick & easy way for social media users to thank the Pennsylvania delegates who signed on to support the McDonald case before the Supreme Court!

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Castle Doctrine in Pennsylvania

Next week, the House Judiciary Committee is expected to take up HB40, the so-called "Castle Doctrine" bill that will allow people to defend themselves from criminal attack without retreating first.

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NRA Members Force Mayors Out of Anti-Gun Group

A roar of protest is spreading among Pennsylvania mayors who are rejecting New York City-style gun control and leaving Mayor Bloomberg's anti-gun group. Be part of the action in your backyard.

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Updates on Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Mayors

Since our call to action to reduce the reach of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun initiative in Pennsylvania, we have at least one positive change to the list.

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Pennsylvania Politicians on Twitter

If you are an active user of social media, then you've probably discovered the gun community on Twitter. Check out some of these local politicians on the microblogging service.

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Anti-Hunting Forces Petition Against Archery Hunt

Aug 30, 09 Anti-Hunting Forces Petition Against Archery Hunt

Posted by in Contacting Lawmakers, Local

Wildlife management officials call for an expansion of archery hunting in Tyler State Park, but hunting foes are moving to stop the plans.

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“Six-Percenters” Take Action

Aug 12, 09 “Six-Percenters” Take Action

Posted by in 2A Support, Contacting Lawmakers

Eric Shelton of The Handgun Podcast believes that if just 6% of gun owners regularly contacted government officials, we could make great strides in the protection of our rights.

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BATFE Reform Bills Need Help from PA Leaders

Vital legislation to reform ATF regulations is pending in both the US House & Senate. Your phone calls are needed to get Pennsylvania's Senators & members of Congress on board.

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Meet Your Federal Reps in August

Traditionally, the U.S. House & Senate take the entire month of August off as district work period. It is a chance to meet with your Representative, Senator, or staff members.

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Sen. Specter Votes Against Gun Owners, Sen. Casey For Us

Your calls were heard loud and clear in Democratic Senator Bob Casey's office, and he stood firm for Pennsylvania's concealed carry owners - more than half a million of us.

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