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Thank Pro-2A Members of Congress!

There's a quick & easy way for social media users to thank the Pennsylvania delegates who signed on to support the McDonald case before the Supreme Court!

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NRA Announces Bipartisan Congressional Amicus

Nov 23, 09 NRA Announces Bipartisan Congressional Amicus

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NRA reports that 251 Members of Congress & 58 Senators support the incorporation of the Second Amendment. Find out which members of Pennsylvania's delegation will be on the wrong side of history.

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Castle Doctrine in Pennsylvania

Next week, the House Judiciary Committee is expected to take up HB40, the so-called "Castle Doctrine" bill that will allow people to defend themselves from criminal attack without retreating first.

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With Few Precincts Remaining, NRA-Endorsed Candidates Win

Nov 04, 09 With Few Precincts Remaining, NRA-Endorsed Candidates Win

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Though the media has focused on races in Virginia, New Jersey, and New York, Pennsylvania gun owners turned out for NRA-endorsed judicial candidates last night.

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Have You Voted Today?

It's Election Day and the polls are open! Remember to support freedom and vote for the NRA-PVF endorsed slate of candidates today.

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Lower Profile Elections Next Week

When it seems only local candidates are on the ballot, it's easy to ignore an election. But next Tuesday's election has huge potential outcomes for gun owners who may not even realize it.

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Top Ten Counties for Gun Owners

Oct 26, 09 Top Ten Counties for Gun Owners

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Ever wonder just where all of the other gun owners are in Pennsylvania? There's a very good chance that they are your neighbors if you live in the top ten counties for concealed carry license holders.

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Bucks County DA Candidate has Ties to Ammo Restriction Efforts

District Attorney candidate Chris Asplen headed up a lobby shop that went to more than a dozen states to set up databases of shooters & potentially put even the biggest ammunition manufacturers out of business.

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HSUS’s Plan to End Hunting

Oct 21, 09

Posted by in Federal

We've known for years that HSUS wants to ban hunting - and they are willing to patiently take one step at a time to do it. Here is their plan to do it federally.

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HSUS Attacks 1st & 2nd Amendments

Oct 20, 09

Posted by in Federal

Most shooters don't think much about the threats posed by animal rights extremists, but what happens when they attack right-to-carry in their new "Change" agenda?

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